. . . a firm of experienced association managers and information technology specialists who work together
to provide clients with customized services that efficiently and creatively meet their needs.

We are innovative problem solvers with a reputation for getting things done.

Our Vision Statement

Reduce volunteer burn-out so not-for-profit associations can become what they were meant to be

Our Mission Statement

To help not-for-profit associations achieve objectives

We are well versed in the day-to-day administrative tasks required in every association. We provide
leadership and governance support to our boards and support their member service programs.  Our
membership, financial, and meeting management skills are extensive and we:

  • Address and respond to issues quickly and competently
  • Deliver results on time and on budget
  • Provide high levels of personal member service, and
  • Always go the extra mile!

We provide bilingual association management services to both provincial, national, and international non-profits. We are website developers and newsletter and magazine publishers.

We understand how academic not for profits work.  Our clients include:

We also manage the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation which provides scholarships to young women in university engineering programs in Canada.  For this client, we deal directly with all the Deans of the engineering programs in the universities in Canada.

When it comes to accreditation, certification and credentialing, we are the experts.  We manage the:

In business for over 20 years, the Megram has 15 full and part-time staff in Renfrew, Ontario, only 45 minutes from Ottawa.  We offer complete office support with equipment, dedicated telephone, internet, and fax; conference call, webinar, and video conferencing services, online payment processing, and secure paper, and digital storage. Our staff have backgrounds in customer service so they have experience in issue resolution and personal service.

We take full ownership of the client’s affairs with which we have been entrusted. We analyze processes and programs and we recommend changes that will improve services, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and make our clients stronger.

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“On behalf of the OSNM Executive and the OSNM membership I would like to thank you for all your work in getting three years of financial statements ready for presentation to the Board and our AGM.

Completing three years of record-keeping in five months (as well as doing your other work) is an amazing accomplishment. Now, we can move forward on a monthly basis knowing all the financial reporting is taken care of.

I look forward to continuing to work with you and Megram. Again, thank you on behalf of OSNM.”

Jo Anne Young,
CNM President Ontario Society of Nutrition Management 2019

“I do want to thank you (Kayla Wright), for all of your work with us… we have really enjoyed having you back this year – there were many comments from Board and committee members in my discussions that folks feel like you are on top of things, helpful in organizing our work etc. so THANKS for that.”

Lori Letts, PhD,
OT Reg. (Ont.) Assistant Dean, Occupational Therapy Program & Professor School of Rehabilitation Science McMaster University 2019

“Fantastic news. (That Megram will not charge extra for redoing prior year financials properly and for dealing with CRA to mitigate penalties).

It is nice to see an organization such as yours pride itself on customer relations rather than the mighty dollar.

Thank you to your entire leadership team. With appreciation,”

Maria Gomer,
NM President Elect Ontario Society of Nutrition Management 2019

“I would like to express my great appreciation for all your work and patience on the changes to the CE maintenance system over the past months.

This work is now paying off, as the fan letter below from a very important CES stakeholder, attests. Bravo to all!!! “

Natalie Kishchuk, PhD,
CE/ÉA Vice President Canadian Evaluation Society 2018

“Karen and I were raving at the Board meeting last night about how night and day it has been in regards to service since we came onboard with Megram. We’re so thrilled with all of you, especially you, Lynn!

Thank you for your patience with all our questions and requests!

We’re very, very happy with the service Megram provides to VRA BC. We feel very supported and that our business is valued.”

Sheryl Thompson,
RRP President VRA (BC) 2018

“Your record keeping is excellent and has significantly assisted us with moving forward with our data collection – so thank you for this.”

Taruna Gupta Evaluator,
EvalPartners France 2018

“Megram designed our new logo and developed and launched our new website, rebranding the Society to attract more members.

Megram also designed and produced (our) new magazine.

Thank you to Bob, Lynn, and Nanci and all of the Megram staff for all of your contributions to the success of OSNM”

Judy Stricharuk,
CNM President Ontario Society of Nutrition Managers 2017

“Thank you for completing this migration very professionally. I am truly happy to say goodbye to the legacy system and to welcome the PDP in the world of modern CES applications.

Your care and concern all through this process has been exemplary.”

Benoît Gauthier,
CE, President Canadian Evaluation Society 2013

“Bob, I am in your debt once again. I am still mindful of all that you have done for me and the organizations I have been working with. You were tremendously helpful to the “Friends of Queen’s/Perth Anniversaries”. Anytime you see the Brass Plaque honouring William Morris at the Gore and Herriot intersection in Perth, you are entitled to take satisfaction in having contributed to its placement just as essentially as the 6 members of the Friends’ group itself.

And our McMartin House Website would not exist without your initiatives — you helped me get the Board to understand its potential, and you delivered a web site that is serving us very well! “

Brian Henderson,
President McMartin House, Perth, ON 2017

“Our web presence is important and your attention to, and help with, keeping it up-to-date is appreciated.”

Dave Lemkay,
Executive Director Renfrew Industrial Commission 2016

“Bob – thank you very much! The whole organization is amazing and we appreciate so much working with you! I have so far worked with Lynn (a lot) and Devon and yourself and I honestly cannot express enough how impressed and appreciative I am.”

Khalil Bitar Palestinian,
Evaluation Association Vice-Chair, EvalPartners – EvalYouth Global 2017

“Megram has demonstrated full competency in all relevant skills. Of particular note is that Megram has taken the initiative whenever necessary to advise the CCUEN executive of its responsibilities, 4 providing effective guidance regarding operating in this legal and organizational environment.”

Dr. Linda Skilton/Dr. Stephen Bocking,
Co-Chairs Canadian College and University Environmental Network 2016

“Bob brings a wealth of expertise and common-sense to association management. As manager of several associations, Bob keeps on top of current laws and regulations and is able to share “best practices” and “lessons learned” from one association to another which saves association time. Bob’s engaging personality and thoughtful, respectful approach helps to guide Association Presidents and Executive Committees.”

Margaret Kennedy Assistant Director,
Accreditation Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada 2010

“I have been so impressed by the work Megram has done for the Canadian Association of Fine Arts Deans.”

John D. Kissick Director,
School of Fine Art and Music University of Guelph 2009

“While Megram excels in many areas, I am most impressed with the ability of senior staff to analyze existing procedures and develop new processes that solve issues and get the job done, covering points not previously considered and mitigating risks to our organization.”

Michael Kerford,
President and CEO ECO Canada 2015

“Ce fut un plaisir de travailler avec Bob et son équipe, au développement de la Fondation pour améliorer sa visibilité et augmenter le nombre et la valeur des bourses. De 2002 à 2004, le nombre de bourses offertes est passé de 6 à 14, et leur valeur totale de 35 000 à 100 000 dollars canadiens. L’équipe de Bob offre une belle gamme de services et agit toujours aujourd’hui comme directeur exécutif de la Fondation.”

Suzelle Barrington, Ph.D,
ing Past President, Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation 2008

“We have contracted with Bob and his company and have kept in touch over the years. Bob is very effective and always has something to propose for our organization. Great resource. He is competent and available almost instantaneously. Always a pleasure to work with him and his professional staff.”

Yves E. Beaudin,
National Coordinator Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials 2009

“Secretariat services to IOCE are provided by Megram . . . the professionalism, enthusiasm and patience of Megram staff considerably contributed to the success of IOCE work in 2014. Natalia Kosheleva (CIS (IPEN) – Russia)

International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation 2014

“Bob and Megram do an outstanding job of managing AAAC affairs. The financial reports, agendas, minutes, etc., are always timely, accurate, and well written. Bob and staff take a very personal interest in AAAC activities and appear to treat AAAC as a key priority.

As an association that relies on a volunteer Executive, Megram makes the job of the Executive Committee extremely straight forward and manageable.”

Executive Committee,
Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada 2007

“Once again, thank you for all the work that went into preparing the three meetings last week. It made a tremendous difference. It made ACOTUP look very professional. Thanks to you and your team.”

Jean-Pascal Beaudoin,
M.A.P. Clinical Education-OT University of Ottawa 2006