Who we are

For more than 20 years, Megram has been helping a broad range of national and international non-profit associations providing general administration, financial, membership, program accreditation management and website development, publication and graphic design services.

We believe that boards establish polices and staff implement and monitor those – this reduces volunteer burn-out and allows associations to grow and meet objectives.

We follow established best practices, stress transparency of operations, and mitigate risk be keeping volunteer boards informed, allowing them to guide direction and set policy. We follow and adhere to the Standards of Good Practice developed by the AMC Institute for the association management industry.

We provide a bilingual, full-service professional office in Renfrew, Ontario, located in a modern office building and we have access to a full-service, large board-room for client and other meetings.

Many of our full-time staff can walk home for lunch and there are no traffic-jams to contend with. We prefer the lower cost of living and reduced stress that comes with rural life . . . technology enables us to do just that and we are technology-driven.

Administrative Coordination

At Megram, we believe that non-profit organizations should not have to rely on volunteers to do the day-to-day work that running an association entails. We can work efficiently for even small organizations because of economies of scale and the sharing of resources between clients.

We function as the central office for our NFP clients – a common point of contact. We store records and related archival material. Our office servers are backed-up daily on and off-site, dedicated telephone lines are available and we manage telephone conferences, webinars and Skype meetings.

Board and Volunteer Support

Most non-profit associations are run by boards of dedicated volunteers committed to a common mandate and vision. As associations grow, the day-to-day administration and management requirements become stressful.

Megram provides the management support and administrative skills required to help associations run smoothly and efficiently, enabling volunteers to focus on setting policy and achieving goals. Our experienced senior staff members have decades of association management experience and are able to serve in a consulting and advisory capacity working with volunteers to develop strategic objectives and achieve desired outcomes. They are supported by a team of managers, financial administrators, website developers, writers and graphic designers.

Financial Management

We provide a wide-range of comprehensive financial management services. We work closely with treasurers to maintain efficient and confidential internal controls, develop operational budgets and manage cash flow. Services include maintaining financial records, banking, accounts receivable and payable, prepared monthly and year-end statements and organizing year-end audits. We are familiar with CRA reporting requirements as well as receipting for charities and HST collection and remittances.

Membership Management

A strong membership is the base for every successful association and we know how to expand that base and retain members by providing quality, value-added services, including:

  • Developing membership campaigns;
  • Developing websites to serve member needs;
  • Designing and writing collateral material such as magazines, newsletters, brochures and posters;
  • Processing applications and renewals and follow-up contacts with delinquents;
  • Maintaining member record databases and lists;
  • Building online forms and custom software for online payment and member records.

Accreditation and Certification Management

We currently manage two professional accreditation programs. We are familiar with the entire accreditation process including handling applications and arranging site visits and reviews. We have also been managing the Association of Accrediting Agencies of Canada since 2004 which has allowed us to remain current with new accreditation processes.

We manage two national NFP associations which have professional designation programs and part of our work for each of them involves managing and controlling their respective certification processes, including recording of educational and professional credits, designation renewals and related financial management tasks.

Scholarship Management

We are experienced in preparing scholarship criteria, managing judging panels and controlling award presentation, event planning and accounting and the issue of interim and final award amounts. We have managed a national charity offering scholarships since 2002 and a smaller scholarship program since June 2017.

Meeting Management

Whether it is a telephone, Zoom, webinar or Skype conference, a director’s face-to-face meeting, awards ceremonies or a national or international conference, we take care of all the details from room set up to meals to drafting agendas, issuing reminders and taking minutes.

We work with conference committees to determine venues, select conference planners, develop budgets, and manage finances, review contracts and control costs and we provide on-site support to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Website Development, Bulletins, Newsletters and Magazines

We are skilled website developers. We design, write/edit content, build, host and maintain responsive websites that function on all platforms and devices, are easy to navigate, attractive and reflective of the owner’s professional image. We write, edit, design, layout and produce professional bulletins, newsletters and member professional publications, publishing both online in page-turning format and print.