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Magazines and . . .

. . . newsletters are the life-blood of many associations, providing a tangible member-benefit that helps growth and retention.

We have been publishing quality written material for our clients for over 15 years either using provided content or generating it in-house.


We write and . . .

. . . lay out content and produce final products either in print or online in page-turning format.  Our professional editor and graphic designer have years of industry experience and their work is second to none.

We work hand-in-glove with editorial boards, publications committees and others to get the job done with the least amount of stress on volunteers and we do that on time and in budget.

Some clients prefer to write and submit their own material for us to produce (such as OSNM below), while others such and VRA Canada with their quarterly REHAB MATTERS magazine, delegate the entire process to Megram.


Some examples . . .

VRA Canada