Building a Great Website

Unfortunately many independent website developers lose sight of the fact that the product belongs to the owner and not to them.   This is reflected in the look-and-feel and sometimes even the content itself.

Proper website development starts by an in-depth discussion with the owner about why they want one and what they wish to achieve.  From this comes orderly content and creation of a site map

If the developer has little or no business experience then the final product will most certainly not come close to what the website owner really wants.  Developers need to be able to talk to website owners at or close to their level of business so that there is a very clear understanding of the target audience and desired outcomes.

Website development is not a matter of simply throwing a few pictures and text on a page.  Developers must be familiar with good design principles and the effect of colour on readability.  They also must be able to write well.

It is very rare that one person alone can build an effective website  because graphic design and proper HTML/CSS coding are unique talents.

The ideal situation is one where a project manager experienced in design, communications and business deals with the website owner and supervises a graphic designer and a website code expert.

An attractive and professional website is as important as a telephone to business and organizations and contrary to popular belief that product need not be expensive.  If you are a business owner and only need a small web presence, a development fee of less than $1,000 and annual fixed costs of some $400 is not an unreasonable investment.

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